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I commend you for taking the first steps towards seeking a therapeutic relationship. Whether you want to address a problem or improve your quality of life, a therapeutic relationship is an opportunity to work with a therapist to understand your strengths and identify resources to help you reach your full potential. Together, we take a holistic approach as we explore physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, cultural and relational influences. My deep understanding of human nature and behavior enables us to explore creative solutions as I comfort, challenge, and identify resources that will strengthen and help you reach your goals.

I enjoy working with children, teens, young adults and women. My areas of interest are leadership development, strategic change management, assessment/treatment of Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and ADD/ADHD; Childhood and Developmental Disorders; Career, Life, Weight and Parenting Coaching; Stress Management; Mood Disorders; Grief/Loss. I design wellness programs for individuals, families, groups and organizations. It is an honor to support others on their journey to reaching/striving towards their fullest potential.


Dr. Elizabeth Oriola-Otenaike

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